"If I was in the same situation again, I would pay whatever I could to have the surgery," Justin said. "Even though I had lost a lot of weight, I had a lot of extra skin that was uncomfortable, and often caused rashes. Now, I have more confidence at 33 than I did at 18. There is no price too high to help you build self-confidence and be at peace with yourself. If you are considering body contouring, this is a life-changing decision. This is not the time to go fishing for a deal. I met with two other highly regarded plastic surgeons before Dr. Hurwitz. They had the experience and the credentials, but lacked the passion, artistry, and results Dr. Hurwitz brings to every patient. Choose your surgeon carefully, based on experience, results, character, and passion."
This question would come in any patient’s mind. It is a procedure in which the surgeon surgically removes extra fat of the tummy to offer the client with a flat tummy. It may frighten you, but there is nothing to worry about. Above 117,000 had tried the tummy tuck surgery in 2014 in the USA. Most of them were happy with the result of their surgery. It helped them in removing extra fat and get back their fit personality.
Tip: Talk to your surgeon to make sure you're a good candidate for a tummy tuck operation. The ideal tummy tuck patient is a man or woman of normal weight, with a slightly protruding or sagging stomach that has not responded to diet and exercise. Also discuss possible complications, which include infection, skin necrosis, and fluid or blood collecting under the skin, which require a trip to the doctor for removal.
Plastic Surgery Arts of New Jersey is renowned for its breast enhancement surgeries as performed by world-class plastic surgeons. Visit historic New Brunswick, New Jersey or Princeton, New Jersey for a consultation about breast implants, breast lifts, breast reduction, breast asymmetry, breast reconstruction, and the ever-popular mommy makeovers. If you want an improved overall body shape, our body contouring procedures could revitalize your body. We offer liposuction, tummy tucks, thigh and body lifts, arm lifts, post bariatric weight loss surgery, and mommy makeovers. A non-surgical body sculpting procedure, CoolSculpting® is also available for patients.
I am a 33 year old mother of two who has been battling this demon of mine for at least 13 years. I realize I am no different than any of these other women. My story is no different, I'm depressed, frustrated, disappointed and definitely self conscious about my body. I'm an army veteran who is in pretty good shape and works out weekly with a trainer but can not get my 18 year old not body but stomach back. I feel like I deserve this but can not catch a break financially to make it happen for myself. I got liposuction about 2 years ago and the results are not satisfactory, the doctor was board certified but not professional and I was not pleased with his work at all
Because any licensed physician can legally perform cosmetic surgery, regardless of how they received cosmetic surgery training, it is extremely important to do your research when choosing a cosmetic surgeon. To find the most qualified doctor for a specific cosmetic procedure, you must compare doctors’ overall (residency and post-residency) training, experience, and proven competence with respect to that specific cosmetic procedure.

Want to get a flat stomach? Abdominoplasty or "tummy tuck" is a cosmetic surgery procedure to make the abdomen thinner and more firm. The procedure flattens your abdomen by removing extra fat and skin. Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) is one of the more common cosmetic surgeries. There are several variations of tummy tuck surgery, each designed to target certain areas of the body or specific issues. Compare quality & costs for a Full Tummy Tuck, Mini Tummy Tuck, abdominoplasty / correction muscles: have a look at the Tummy Tuck pricelist. On our photo pages you will find lots of Tummy Tuck before and after pictures. We inform you about the possibilities, the risks and possible complications with Tummy Tuck operations / abdominoplasty. Safe overseas cosmetic plastic surgery: Cosmetic Tummy tuck Surgery abroad. Whom to trust & what to look for? Wellness Kliniek has a Quality Warranty.We give useful guidelines for patients who are considering to go overseas to have tummy tuck surgery. 

In the term "plastic surgery," the adjective plastic implies sculpting and/or reshaping, which is derived from the Greek πλαστική (τέχνη), plastikē (tekhnē), "the art of modelling" of malleable flesh.[2] This meaning in English is seen as early as 1598.[3] The surgical definition of "plastic" first appeared in 1839, preceding the modern "engineering material made from petroleum" sense of plastic (coined by Leo Baekeland in 1909) by 70 years.[4]

Tip: Talk to your surgeon to make sure you're a good candidate for a tummy tuck operation. The ideal tummy tuck patient is a man or woman of normal weight, with a slightly protruding or sagging stomach that has not responded to diet and exercise. Also discuss possible complications, which include infection, skin necrosis, and fluid or blood collecting under the skin, which require a trip to the doctor for removal.
“I am so happy that I have found the Plastic Surgery Group. I have never had any surgical or non-surgical procedures done before but have always been self-conscious about my stomach…after my first consultation with Dr. Rosen and his team, I knew that I had found the right place…I was waiting for my appointment for less than 5 minutes and the doctors were already ready to see me…I did not feel rushed at all and did not feel as though he was attempting to upsell me in any way…I told him that I was interested in this new non-invasive fat-freezing procedure called Coolsculpting. He thoroughly explained how the whole process would work and then had me checked out by his daughter, Steph, who was extremely professional and a sweetheart to work with…I highly recommend the Plastic Surgery Group for anyone looking for an upscale plastic surgery practice…”
“I inform my patients that most tummy tuck scars are hidden in most styles of swimwear, underwear, and the now popular low cut jeans,” says Dr. Douglas L. Gervais, a Minneapolis, Minnesota plastic surgeon, in a tummy tuck scars Q&A. “However, each person is different and styles can and do change. I prefer to have patients bring in a few pairs of swim bottoms and underwear so that the pre-op markings can be customized to each person as an individual.”

If you have spent countless hours dieting and exercising to achieve your ideal physique, yet remain frustrated with stubborn pockets of fat that refuse to melt away, a surgical body sculpting procedure may be the intervention that will finally help you to reach your aesthetic goals. APS provides clients from NJ and NY with a range of slimming, tightening and toning treatments that address the hips, thighs, belly, waist, buttocks, upper arms, check and calves. From liposuction to implants, our board certified plastic surgeons offer customized solutions that will revolutionize your look, boos self-confidence and complement your fitness routine.

When you’re getting ready for your initial consultation, you’ll want to prepare some questions for your doctor and the staff in the office. Having a list of what to ask and bringing it with you will help while you are nervous. At the consultation appointment, be prepared to listen.  Your doctor should take the time to discuss your procedure – there are many variations of tummy tuck and several concerns to take into considering including the type of incision, other abdominal wall or hernia repair that may need to be completed, the risks associated with the procedure, and of course, the costs.

Getting plastic surgery is a major decision that could have incredible life-changing results. We want you to look and feel your best, therefore we offer flexible financial options for patients that would like plastic surgery or a non-surgical skin care procedure. If you are interested in any of our services, please visit our before and after photo gallery or request a consultation today. Our New Brunswick office is located near Rutgers University or UMDNJ, with our second office located in the beautiful and historical Princeton, New Jersey. At PSANJ we are proud to be home to some of New Jersey’s best plastic surgeons. We would love to see you at our offices in New Brunswick or Princeton, New Jersey!
Whatever your personal concerns may be, we offer breast cosmetic surgery procedures to improve your breast shape, size, and contour. Because breasts lose their youthful shape and volume as a result of pregnancy, breastfeeding, and the aging process, breast plastic surgery is a very popular choice at Plastic Surgery Arts of New Jersey. Many women feel that their breasts are disproportionate to the rest of their bodies, and opt for breast enhancement surgery to create a more feminine physique.